Traveller Review Awards 2021

Dear Partner,
I would like to personally congratulate you on receiving our Traveller Review Award 2021.
Along with so many other challenges, 2020 was a year with limited opportunities for travel. That means that the trips your guests managed to take mattered more to them than ever.

And you rose to the occasion. The exceptional review scores you earned consistently over the past year show us just how much your guests appreciate everything you do for them.

We appreciate it too. The entire Bookί team and I are grateful, as always, for the commitment you show to offering travellers outstanding hospitality. Award

Your achievement is worth celebrating, so I encourage you to share the news of your Traveller Review Award on social media, at your property and on our platform. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TravellerRevίewAwards2021 and tag us @bookingcom so we can join your celebration.

As we head into 2021, I am excited about the opportunities ahead. I look forward to strengthening our partnership as we continue to rebuild our industry together.

From everyone at Bookί, thank you once again for your cooperation and your inc
Kind regards,
Glenn Fogel
President Chief Executive Officer